This is a song that Patty wrote about her son, Travis, the youngest Dysfunctional, before he found his groove. Now, 19, he sits in with the band every chance he gets and is presently off studying music in the Bay Area. He brings another generation into the DFJB.

The introduction to this tune is another hilarious DFJB moment as his sister, mother, and “Uncle Scott” rehash his troubled teenage years. This original song is also on the new CD, “Come Over.”

“Travisr” was recorded during the June 7, 2009 performance by the Dysfunctional Family Jazz Band (DFJB) at New York’s celebrated music venue the Rodeo Bar. The band includes Patty Carpenter and Melissa Shetler on vocals, Scott Shetler on mandolin, Tony Garnier on bass, Paul Sullivan on guitar, and Russ Meissner on drums.

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