Come Over

Come Over

“Come Over”


The Dysfunctional Family Jazz Band formed before we named it. Late 60s, we landed in the sticks a stone’s throw from each other. Dreams, troubles, changes, crops, communards, kids and lovers: music and language saw us through our duet of abundance and loss.

An original, written by Patty and her good friend Verandah Porche, this is a song about friendship. Originally titled, “Over the Hill”, the tune features a great spoken word section.

“Come Over” was recorded during the June 7, 2009 performance by the Dysfunctional Family Jazz Band (DFJB) at New York’s celebrated music venue the Rodeo Bar. The band includes Patty Carpenter and Melissa Shetler on vocals, Scott Shetler on saxophone, Tony Garnier on bass, Paul Sullivan on guitar, and Russ Meissner on drums.

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