A music video about the Iraq war, Hurricane Katrina, and George W. Bush.


Blood meets oil out on Prairie Chapel Road.
Not such a long walk a’tall.
Gold Star Mother wants what she is owed:
Why did her baby have to fall?
Alibi lullaby—
Who’s balancing our lives
as the President bikes by?
Piety Street is one block over from Desire.
Not such a long walk a’tall.
Oil and bayou water flood and catch on fire.
See profits writing on the wall.

Alibi lullaby—
If you are somewhere else
you won’t have to die.
Alibi lullaby—
Float off to dread
on a river of lies.
That way, that way madness lies.
Love lies bleeding in the garden
Lie down with the dogs; rise up with the fleas.
Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown.
Over there the market carries guns and seeds.
Not such a long walk a’tall.
Soul and bullet hook up: Death stampedes
wailing a wake-up call.
Alibi lullaby—
Take me to the river.
Let me cry.
Alibi lullaby—
Will the ole river ever stop rollin’
and run dry?

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