Brand New Album of Originals Available Now
Sunday · April 11th · 9PM

Patty Carpenter and the Dysfunctional Family Jazz Band will be at the Rodeo Bar in New York City on Sunday, April 11th. Their brand new album of originals “Come Over” is available now on Hand Made Recordings, Grammy® award winner Rob Fraboni’s (The Last Waltz soundtrack, Bonnie Raitt, Keith Richards, Wayne Shorter, Bob Dylan, etc.) new label.

The Dysfunctional Family Jazz Band is a mother, father, daughter and, sometimes son group who are often accused of functioning just fine, at least musically. Patty Carpenter and Melissa Shetler lead the group on vocals. Their voices have an uncanny similarity and the harmonies blend seamlessly. Melissa’s father (and Patty’s ex) Scott Shetler plays tenor and baritone saxophones, clarinet, mandolin, penny whistle, and whatever it takes to back up these lovely ladies. The new album, “Come Over” brings the band into the studio for it’s first album of entirely original music. Carpenter teamed up with her long time friend and writing partner, poet Verandah Porche, to craft their life into song. The resulting album muses on the ups and downs of living – from raising children and barns, to losses, lovers and friends.

Tony Garnier, Bob Dylan’s longtime bass player and musical director, plays bass on the album and will be joining the band for the Rodeo Bar performance. The album also features the work of James Wormworth (recently of Conan O’Brien’s Tonight Show) on drums and Brian Mitchell (from the Levon Helm Band) on organ and accordion. The Rodeo Bar show will feature Russ Meissner on drums and Paul Sullivan on guitar.


The RODEO BAR is at:

375 3rd Ave @ 27th St.
212 683 6500

For further information contact:

Charles Light
clight@dfjbmusic.com or

Melissa Shetler at 646 436 4344