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Oliver di Place:

“Voices of Women”

Review of the song “Angel from Montgomery” from the band’s first album. “Female jazz singers are often either sweet and flirty, or smoky and seductive. Here, we got one of each, and it really works…”

Celebrating Indie Artists / Such Cool Stuff:

“Dysfunctional Family Jazz Band”

Interview, history, and trivia about the Dysfunctional Family Jazz Band. “The soulful, grooving result of this massive mix is kind of crazy, and kind of brilliant.”

Voice to Hear:

“Simply Six: The Dysfunctional Family Jazz Band”

Online interview with Patty and Melissa: “Music has already changed the world from promoting peace, revolution, work, dancing, solitary reflection, social communion, joy, sadness, and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE…” – Patty Carpenter

Everything but Urban:

Melissa posts – “A Dysfunctional Halloween”

“Enter Halloween and our family takes full advantage of the opportunity to bring it all back together again. Is it that we all love the candy? The annual overdose on Root Beer flavored dum dums? Mini Kit Kats? My disdain for candy corn that causes my father to question our biological link? Could these be the bonding forces? Perhaps, but more likely it’s the fun of putting on costumes and dusting off some great tunes….”

Coriolistic Anachronisms

The 2010 Atlantic Antic in Music

“I am a Brooklyn based photographer and visited the recent 2010 Atlantic Antic…. I took a few shots, one of which I kept – Tony playing the double bass… great job, moody music and a nice stage presence, all of you. Thank you.”
— Vincent Mounier

Sue Katz: Consenting Adult

“The Dysfunctional Family Jazz Band and Me”

Sue Katz blogs about our CD release party and benefit at Tree Frog Farm in Guilford, Vermont.

The Liberated Voice

“On Being a Community Musician”

Claudia Friedlander brags about musicians in Brattleboro, including DFJB.


And don’t forget the DFJB’s very own blog…

Spicy Americana Jazz Gumbo
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